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1 civilian was killed and 1 wounded as a result of the morning shelling of Mykolaiv on July 14

Today, at about five in the morning, the Russians again hit a number of civilian objects in Mykolaiv. One of the rockets hit the Mykolaiv hotel.

9 missiles from the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system were fired at Mykolaiv today. Currently, it is known about the damage to two educational institutions, a transport infrastructure facility and a hotel. One person was injured, one was killed.

The moment of the morning arrival at the school:

This is what a military facility looks like according to russian troops.

These are the funnels left behind by their rockets. In one school, a part of the building was completely destroyed, in another, windows and doors were broken, the roof and facade were damaged.

As a result of the morning shelling, 18 trolleybuses were damaged. Employees of the utility company carry out a technical inspection of the damaged units of transport to determine the further possibility of their operation. Today, 20 trolleybuses operate on the city's routes, but with adjustments to the main routes. Route changes are displayed on information boards.

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