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3 short videos about the war in Ukraine

These videos did not leave us without emotions. Shocking emotions. We share with you.

1. In Ukrainian Kherson, a city occupied by the Russian military, there was an accident on the road. A drunken Russian military man crashed into a bus stop where a group of people were standing at high speed. The soldier immediately got into another military vehicle that was following him and quickly left. Two civilians were killed, four more people were taken away by an ambulance. "Drunken" traffic accidents happen very often in Russia itself. At the same time, the perpetrators almost always go unpunished due to corruption and resolving issues with the help of "acquaintances with high-ranking politicians and government officials." The Russian world brings death not even during hostilities.

2. In the Moscow region, an eyewitness filmed a trainload of Russian T-80 tanks. Apparently, they are being taken to the war in eastern Ukraine (presumably Donbass). Terrible sight.

3. A fierce battle was filmed from the first person by a Ukrainian fighter in the Lugansk region in eastern Ukraine. No, this is not a computer game, but a real war. We sincerely wish our fighters to hold on. You are brave and skillful.

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