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A lot of coffins are brought to Crimea - local residents report

It is obvious that the Russian army suffers heavy losses in the war. The Russian Ministry of Defense is trying to hide information about the dead and wounded soldiers, but this is a truth that is difficult to keep secret.

For example, a large number of coffins have been unloaded near the military hospital in Sevastopol for several days.

300 meters from the military hospital, coffins, crosses and wreaths are being loaded from trucks into smaller cars.

In the blue Volvo with the numbers of the 57th region (Oryol region) - pine coffins made of unplaned boards. Coffins are loaded into vans and taken away. Nearby, wooden crosses and wreaths are being loaded from a Gazelle truck with a gray van into a white minibus.

The Russian military also uses mobile crematoria - apparently to dispose of the bodies of dead soldiers and civilians right on the battlefield.

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