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Air alert declared for Ukraine, russians bomb cities again

Since the morning of November 17, a large-scale air alert has been declared in Ukraine. Explosions are reported in several areas, air defense is actively working.

Today, Russian troops attacked the Izyum district of the Kharkiv region. Critical infrastructure hit reported. 3 employees of the power plant were wounded. They were hospitalized.

The explosions that were heard in one of the districts of the Kyiv region are the successful work of the Ukrainian air defense. This was announced by the head of the Kyiv Department of the National Police Andriy Nebitov in the Telegram messenger. Two cruise missiles and four Iranian Shahed drones were shot down. At the same time, the threat of missile and drone strikes remains.

The Odesa regional military administration reports 3 victims of a missile attack on Odesa this morning. The explosion occurred at one of the infrastructure facilities at 06:44, previously, as a result of a cruise missile hit.

Russia strikes at the Southern Machine-Building Plant in the Dnipro and Ukrainian gas production. But missiles hit civilian targets. Here is another confirmation from the Dnipro that terrorists want peace. Morning. A peaceful city and the desire of people to live a normal life. Go to work, on business. Missile strike! The terrorist state actually wants to bring Ukrainians only as much pain and suffering as possible.

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