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Anniversary of the liberation of Bucha and Irpen from Russian invaders

The city of Bucha near Kyiv had been under occupation for 33 days , on March 31 a year ago Bucha was liberated from the Russian invaders.

Once the district of Bucha attracted Ukrainians with its comfort, tranquility and forests. However, after the Russian occupation in February-March 2022, the small towns of Bucha, Irpen became symbols of the brutal war crimes of the invaders and the invincibility of the Ukrainian people. Bucha became the epicenter of fierce fighting and for about a month was occupied by Russian troops which wanted moving towards the capital. Because Bucha is located just 33 km from Kyiv. The world saw with horror the photos and videos taken on the streets of Bucha. Russian troops left the Kyiv region, leaving behind hundreds of corpses, many of which simply lay on the roads.

When Bucha was de-occupied, we saw that the devil is not somewhere out there - he is on the ground. The dead were found in basements and in mass graves. The bodies of people were often burned, with signs of torture and hands tied behind their backs.

More than 1,400 deaths, including 37 children. More than 175 people were found in mass graves and torture chambers. 422 bodies were exhumed, and 1,173 bodies were exhumed throughout the district. 3,846 residential buildings were also destroyed.

Now life is gradually returning to the city, but its inhabitants will hardly be able to fully recover from the shock. Ukrainians will never forgive the atrocities committed in Bucha, and Russian war criminals will be punished. A symbol of the atrocities of the occupying country’s army. We will never forgive. We will punish every perpetrator.

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