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Another Russian missile terror and an attempt to leave Ukraine without electricity and heat

Russia continues its heartless and barbaric rocket attacks on the people of Ukraine. On the morning of October 31, Russia once again launched a massive missile attack on Ukraine.

Explosions were heard in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Cherkasy, and Kirovograd regions. As a result of the rocket attacks, 18 facilities were damaged, most of them energy facilities, some cities were left without power, hundreds of settlements in seven regions of Ukraine were de-energized and train schedules were disrupted.

In just one morning, Russia fired 50 missiles at Ukraine, 44 of which were shot down by our Air Defense Forces. Kiev mayor Vitaliy Klitschko said that as a result of strikes on critical infrastructure facilities, part of the capital has been de-energized. According to him, the power facility supplying about 350,000 apartments in Kiev was damaged. Kiev residents were warned about emergency blackouts on 31 October. Also, as a result of an enemy attack in the Kiev region, shrapnel from the missile damaged buildings. There are casualties.

The missile's arrival was detected at one of the critical infrastructure facilities in Cherkasy region. As a result, part of the region was de-energized, Four people were wounded.

The enemy struck Zaporizhzhya with missiles, tentatively launched from airplanes. Objects of critical infrastructure were damaged, said the head of Zaporizhzhya Regional Military Administration Oleksandr Starukh.

"In the morning, the enemy attacked critical infrastructure facility. Due to the attack there were power outages in the city. Information about the victims and the scale of damage is being clarified," wrote the secretary of Zaporizhzhya city council Anatoly Kurtev.

The head of the Dnipropetrovsk region Valentin Reznichenko reported that energy infrastructure facilities in Dnipro and Pavlograd were hit, there is serious damage. At about 8:00 a.m., Russia struck Kharkiv and the Chuguev district. Preliminarily, S-300 missiles were launched from Belgorod. Critical infrastructure has been damaged. That's why the subway and ground electric transport are de-energized,

In the Vinnitsa region, during an air defense alert, a Russian missile was shot down, it fell on civilian objects, and there is destruction.

Russian terrorists also provoked an environmental disaster at the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear power plant. As a result of the shutdown of the plant's power units, warm water is not flowing into the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear power plant cooling pond, causing the water temperature to drop to about +13 degrees Celsius.

This led to mass death of fish in the pond. If the water temperature in the cooling pond does not rise soon, about a thousand tons of dead fish will be thrown ashore.

At the U.S. Embassy, Ambassador Bridget A. Brink responded to this morning's shelling of Russian terrorists: "Like millions of Ukrainians, our team @USEmbassyKyiv is back in hiding as Russia continues its callous and barbaric missile strikes on the people of Ukraine in an attempt to keep the country cold and dark ahead of winter."

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