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Attack of the Kramatorsk railway station. Eyewitness information

Residents of Kramatorsk spoke about the moment the rocket hit the territory of the city's railway station.

One of the witnesses shared that she was then standing in a building where there were many people waiting to be evacuated. At one point, she heard someone shout “Fall!”, After which there was an explosion and people screaming. She added that later she saw dead, wounded people and burnt cars.

Another eyewitness reported that she heard two explosions - one very close, the second - farther away. She said that only after that she learned about the attack on the station.

At the same time, Kramatorsk hospitals cannot cope with the number of wounded who come from the station after a missile attack.

“A lot of people are heavy, without arms, legs. They are operated on by 30-40 surgeons at the same time,” said the mayor of Kramatorsk Alexander Goncharenko

He stated that the fragments of the rocket were found 40 meters from the epicenter of the impact, which indicates its high power.

He also stated that at the time of the shelling, there were about 4,000 people at the station who were waiting to be evacuated.

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