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Avdiyivka is another city of Donetsk region that the occupiers are trying to destroy and capture.

Russian troops unable to capture the city, and the soldiers of the National Guard of Ukraine play a huge role in this.

The Russian army continues its attempts to advance, but every day the Defense Forces repulse these attacks and prevent Russian units from advancing. Reports of attacks and shelling of Avdiyivka are heard in the daily news.

Recently, the topic of the enemy's shortage of shells has been raised more and more often in the info field. The enemy does not stop trying to attack. The Russian army has been trying to "penetrate" Avdiivka's defenses for nine years. The military has been standing in this direction for 8 months since the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine. The sounds of shelling do not subside for a minute. However, the Ukrainian defenders destroy the enemy. Instead, the enemy does not spare either its own soldiers or equipment.

Avdiyivka is now fulfilling its role as an extremely important node of defense resistance of Ukrainian forces in Donbas. And the enemy, in its fruitless attacks, actually self-destructs near Avdiivka, but continues to exert pressure, because it simply has no choice. Avdiivka will be the point we will talk about for a long time: a hot spot on the map of our country.

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