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Battlefield conditions: snow, mud and courage

With the onset of winter, hostilities in eastern Ukraine entered a new phase. The dry climate has changed to frequent snow, rain and mud underfoot. It has become more difficult for the soldiers of the Ukrainian army to defend their country from the invaders, but they do not lose their morale and fiercely destroy the enemy. Below are moments of this brutal war. They allow us to assess how difficult the daily work of our military is now.

Soledar is a city that is destroyed every day by Russian shells and missiles. There are absolutely no benefits of civilization in the city - no water, no light, no gas. However, civilians still live and survive there. Soledar is one of the epicenters of hostilities with the invaders. Warriors of the 93rd Kholodny Yar brigade hold the blow and do not allow the Russian invaders to take the city.

Infantry is the first frontier on the invader's path. It is on their spears that the enemy stumbles, who is constantly trying to break through with assault groups. It is on the infantry that enemy artillery and tank shells fly most of all. It is the foot soldiers who fight in the most difficult conditions and shed more blood for the freedom of Ukraine.

This video with motivating music shows the moments of the life of the Ukrainian military and the unbroken fighting spirit.

The video shows footage from Bakhmut. The soldiers of the Kalinovsky Regiment are in the hottest spots on the front. Look at what the russian occupying troops did to the city, which for many months tried to take it by storm, shelling civilians every day.

But we know that Bakhmut is Ukraine! And our soldiers are doing everything possible to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine, so it will be forever.

The plans of the enemy to seize the Ukrainian state and force us to obey have been shattered. In agony, the enemy resorts to terrorizing civilians with the vain hope of changing the situation on the battlefield and forcing us to surrender.

Thanks to the strong support of our Western partners with modern and powerful weapons like "MARS II", their offensive potential has become much weaker.

Soldiers of the 2nd battalion of the 67th separate mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are improving their skills in accurately destroying enemy tanks. After all, an anti-tank missile system in capable hands skillfully hits armored targets with guided missiles.

Rocket artillery also decided to join in communication with the invaders!

We must also not forget the importance of repairing engineers in war. Even in difficult conditions and in the absence of the necessary spare parts, they make armored vehicles work and push the enemy back again.

Our guys, even in the trenches, can catch the Internet network and arrange a movie screening.

And this group of soldiers is going to battle. ATVs and tracked armored vehicles help them move through the mud.

It is under such conditions that our freedom struggles. If anyone feels bad without electricity or water, just remember the warriors from Bakhmut.

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