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Bloody attack of Kherson region

Russia killed 23 innocent people in one day

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Moscow has denied a targeted attack on civilians, despite the existence of testimonies and evidence of this. A railway station and a crossing, a house, a hardware store, a grocery supermarket, a gas station - do you know what unites these places? The bloody trail that Russia leaves with its shells, killing civilians in Kherson and Kherson region.

Every day in the Kherson region is not calm - since the very morning, the Russians have been shooting at civilian infrastructure and civilians. After the partial de-occupation of the Kherson region, the occupiers regularly fire artillery at the adjacent de-occupied territories, primarily targeting civilian objects. On Wednesday, May 3, Russia massively shelled Kherson. Over the past day, the enemy carried out 98 shellings, firing 539 shells from heavy artillery. The city of Kherson was shelled with particular cruelty. 82 shells hit square, the territory and buildings of the railway station, gas station, two trade establishments, a factory, car industry; the territory of the railway crossing .

Around 11 a.m., the enemy struck the only working hypermarket. As of now, 23 people have been killed! 48 wounded! All civilians! In one incomplete day in one region! Never forgive the culprits. Ukrainian will not forget any crime, we will not let any invader avoid responsibility.

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