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Christmas gifts from russians: death and destruction in Kherson

On December 24, the russians shelled the center of the city of Kherson, 10 dead and 60 wounded are already known.

Volodymyr Zelensky's direct speech: "The terrorist country continues to carry the Russian world in the form of shelling of the civilian population. Kherson. Morning, Saturday, Christmas Eve, in the central part of the city. These are not military objects, this is not a war by the rules. This is terror, this is murder for the sake of intimidation and pleasure."

As a result of this shelling by russian invaders, also 66 cars caught fire from multiple launch rocket systems in a residential area of the city. Rescuers extinguished the fires within 40 minutes.

Footage taken by eyewitnesses and local journalists allows us to assess the scale of the tragedy. Peaceful people came to the market in the city center to buy food and gifts for children for Christmas. At that moment, rockets began to fall on them and destroy everything around. Blood, death and horror - this is what the Russians have been bringing to Ukraine for the last 300 days...

Since the russians fled from Kherson due to the pressure of the Ukrainian troops, they have been constantly bombing the city. They did not like that the Ukrainian people made it clear: "You are not welcome here. Get out, occupiers."

For hundreds, if not thousands of times, the Russians have been bombing civilians. War crimes are uncountable. Also in the evening, the Russians fired on Kherson with incendiary ammunition prohibited by the Geneva Convention on Inhumane Weapons.

While tens of millions of russians support the genocide of the people of Ukraine, the Ukrainians themselves are doing everything just to survive and drive the invaders from their land. Motivation, willpower and courage - these qualities will undoubtedly help Ukraine defeat a large neighbor seized by fascist ideas.

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