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Creepy footage of the wounded from the military hospital on the territory of Azovstal

They are in unsanitary conditions and without proper medical care. The Azov fighter Nava spoke about the critical situation in the hospital:

“They are on the floor. The one with one hand brings water to those who are lying. They lie and listen to the planes flying around the building. They deserve care after being wounded, and the doctors only have time to cut and sew up.”

The military needs immediate evacuation and medical assistance.

At the same time, the invaders are trying to hide the extent of the genocide in Mariupol. They mask a huge mass grave with “tablets”.

The photo shows only one sector of the burial, where, judging by the numbering of the plates, there are at least 268 burials. Satellite images show at least 4 such sectors.

If we refer to eyewitnesses and city authorities, then from 3 to 9 thousand Mariupol residents were buried in Mariupol.

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