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Damaged Antonovsky bridge in Kherson and increased offensive of the Ukrainian army in the south

In recent weeks, the Ukrainian military has been ramping up a counteroffensive in the Kherson region as President Volodymyr Zelensky has called getting the city back under control a priority.

Many military experts report some successes for the Ukrainian army. Largely thanks to the heroism of the Ukrainians, but also thanks to the rather few but extremely accurate western weapons. Even pro-russian propagandists note the high accuracy and effectiveness of American HIMARS missile systems. Battle tactics are constantly changing - for example, in order to deceive russian anti-missile systems and correctly use expensive missiles for HIMARS, Ukrainians first launch soviet-made missiles, distracting air defense systems, and then "deliver" accurate strikes with Western weapons.

It was HIMARS that helped the Ukrainians cause significant damage to the strategically important Antonovsky Bridge last week. With surgical precision, the rockets hit the same sections of the bridge, destroying it. This bridge was built during the Soviet era and had reinforced strength, but now it is damaged and the Russians cannot transport their tanks and other military equipment to defend Kherson.

Below is a video of nighttime explosions on the Antonov bridge. Since information about the active actions of the Ukrainian army appeared at night, it was not completely clear whether significant damage had been inflicted. Russian propagandists, as always, lied - they wrote that all Ukrainian missiles were shot down by russian air defense.

However, already in the morning Russia confirmed that the bridge was unusable. In the video, the damage may seem insignificant, but now the bridge can only be repaired in peacetime.

This photo shows what was left of the Russian 48Y6-K1 radar station after the HIMARS missile strikes in the Kherson region (Lazurnoye village). This radar is designed to issue target designation for the S-300, S-400, etc. air defense systems.

While the Ukrainian army is attacking the ammunition depots and the fortifications of the Russian invaders, in the city of Kherson itself, the partisans are working to demotivate and reduce the morale of the enemy: "This HIMARS ready for a new strike!".

And here is another video showing the destroyed Russian aircraft. Actions, according to our information, are taking place in the south of Ukraine.

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