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Death toll from Kryvyi Rih strike rises to 10: eyewitness video

The death toll from the night attack on Kryvyi Rih in the Dnipropetrovsk region has risen to 10, and another 28 people were injured; June 14 is declared a day of mourning in the city. Another terrorist act of the russians in the civilian residential sector. At night. Insidious. Cruel.

On the night of June 12-13, the terrorist country again launched missiles and combat drones on the territory of Ukraine. An air alert was announced in all country regions, except for the temporarily occupied Crimean peninsula. Soon, information about damage to infrastructure and industry began to appear, and several missiles hit residential buildings. Terrible footage began to appear on messengers. Once again, Russia brought death and destruction.

The woman in the video shows the damage in her apartment. Her house is a few hundred meters away from the explosion.

And this is a video of another eyewitness. The man miraculously survived and is in a state of shock. Profanity is present.

The fire at the site of the rocket hit was so intense that rescuers and firefighters were still fighting the fire in the morning.

President Zelensky has already commented on Russia's attack on Kryvyi Rih: "Next terrorist missiles, Russian killers continue their war against residential buildings, ordinary cities and people. Unfortunately, there are dead, wounded".

“The rescue operation in Kryvyi Rih continues. My condolences to all who have lost loved ones! There will never be forgiveness for terrorists and they will answer for each of their missiles,” the president added.

The locations of the explosions in Kryvyi Rih now look like this...

And this video captures the moment of saving the cat. There is no information about the fate of the owners yet. The rescue operation continues...

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