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Defense Minister Reznikov predicts a big russian offensive in the spring: We must be ready

Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said that in the spring Ukraine should prepare for a new offensive by russians from areas that it has already occupied in the south and east.

He believes that Russia may be trying to gather "forces, ammunition and weapons" for the offensive from areas it has already occupied in the south and east. Ukraine, meanwhile, needs time to regroup and rearm while it waits for Western weapons supplies.

He also added: "Spring is the best time to renew the movement for all parties... We understand that they will be ready to start and of course, we have to be ready to start." At the same time, the head of the Defense Ministry does not think that the russians are preparing a second invasion from Belarus. According to him, the movement from the north "will take a long time, and they (Russia - ed.) do not have the resources."

He also commented on the plans of Poland and Britain to supply Ukraine with battle tanks. Reznikov is confident that Ukraine will receive "tanks, combat aircraft or jets, as well as long-range weapons to hit targets 300 km away," because "everything is changing" in Western countries. According to the minister, Ukraine has already become a de facto member of NATO, and will soon become a member of NATO and de jure.

No matter what, the level of trust and support for the army in the country is growing. Ukrainians trust the Armed Forces of Ukraine the most: this figure has grown by a quarter over the year. Sociologists also noted a significant improvement in trust in the other two power structures on the list - the security service of Ukraine and the National Police.

Sociologists emphasized that the growth of trust in the political leadership and security forces in times of war is another evidence of the rallying of citizens in critical circumstances. Social cohesion is one of the key factors for successful resistance to the enemy.

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