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Destruction of the Wagner Group mercenaries, explosions in the Crimea

Over the past few days, the Ukrainian army has scored several successes that have significantly raised morale and brought closer the day of the country's liberation from the invaders.

On August 14, Putin's terrorists made one fatal mistake (in the village of Popasnaya in the Luhansk region), which allowed the Ukrainian army to quickly react and strike at the accumulation of enemy manpower. The fact is that one of the pro-russian journalists visited the base of military mercenaries of the elite Wagner unit. He took several photographs and uploaded them to the Internet. These photographs did not go unnoticed by the Ukrainian special services, as they clearly showed the address of the house where the mercenaries are based. A few hours after these photos appeared on the Internet, HIMARS missile systems launched precision-destructive strikes. Even russian propagandists admit a tactical error and the death of more than 100 representatives of a private military company that belongs to Putin himself.

One of the destroyed command posts of the Wagner private military company in Popasna now looks like this:

In the temporarily occupied Lisichansk, an explosion destroyed about a hundred Russian soldiers, said the head of the Lugansk OVA, Sergei Gaidai. These are no longer “fighters of the Wagner group”, this is the regular army of the Russian Federation,” he said.

But the most serious event happened yesterday (August 16) in Dzhankoy, Central Crimea. Huge russian ammunition depots and a power plant began to explode violently there. The railroad along which the russians carry weapons was also damaged.

Advisor to the Office of the President of Ukraine Mykhailo Podoliak commented on the morning explosions in Crimea:

“The morning near Dzhankoy began with explosions. Let me remind you once again that the Crimea of ​​a normal country is about the Black Sea, mountains, recreation and tourism. And the Crimea occupied by russian militants is about the explosions of warehouses and the growing mortal danger for invaders and thieves. Demilitarization in action,” he wrote.

The russian ministry of defense has already acknowledged the large losses of ammunition and called the cause of the explosions in the Crimea - sabotage by the Ukrainian special services.

And in this video, Ukrainian troops are again bombing the Antonovsky bridge in Kherson. This is one of the few supply routes for the russian armed forces grouping on the right bank of the river.

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