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Drone war: how Ukraine puts pressure on Russia in the sky

Drones have proven their vital role in the fighting in Ukraine.

Over the past few weeks, Ukrainian defenders have been skillfully destroying russian ammunition depots. More than three dozen have already been destroyed, and this greatly complicates the Kremlin's position on the battlefield. All this became possible thanks to the American HIMARS systems, which became in service with the Ukrainian army, as well as various modern civilian and military drones. And, of course, thanks to the courage and ingenuity of the Ukrainian military.

In the context of constant sanctions, it is becoming increasingly difficult to produce new drones in Russia. That is why the occupiers are looking for opportunities to replenish their arsenal of drones through foreign agreements. It looks like Moscow wants to get its hands on advanced drones from Iran. According to American journalists, Russia may negotiate the purchase of several hundred different drones from Iran. The United States has already threatened sanctions, but Iran, which has been living under them for 40 years, may not be affected. And, judging by the information from our sources, the issue of supplying drones to Russia has already been seriously thought about.

If Russia receives Iranian drones, there will be no turning point in the course of the war. After all, the Armed Forces of Ukraine already have experience in fighting against drones, a widespread electronic warfare system and, in addition, a whole army of drones. Turkish high-tech Bayraktar drones help a lot to defend. In addition, the United States handed over Switchblade kamikaze drones to Ukraine. Despite their small size, they carry warheads capable of destroying enemy armored vehicles and manpower. And they are also superior in performance to Iranian drones.

As part of a new military aid package, the United States will provide Ukraine with Phoenix Ghost drones. They are aimed at the air defense of the enemy.

This war is called the war of drones and howitzers. Whoever has drones and howitzers will work better will win this war. Even the smallest "civilian" drones can be used to support our army.

The longer the war goes on, the greater the technological gap between the armies of Russia and Ukraine becomes. While the Russians are negotiating the purchase of drones in Iran, the Ukrainians are buying them from private companies that develop new technologies themselves. The Ukrainian military has also mastered new equipment to disable russian drones. There are many facts of intercepting enemy drones on the Internet.

Ukrainians not only use Western drones, but also launched the production of their own. Volunteers buy expensive components, and technicians in Ukraine carry out the final assembly. Such drones can lift compact bombs and deliver targeted strikes against the manpower and armored vehicles of the russian invaders.

*All materials on our website are taken from open sources and do not constitute state secrets.

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