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Dutch trucker described a trip to the east of Ukraine

In the struggle for freedom and independence, Ukraine is supported by the entire civilized world. At the level of politicians, decisions are made on the transfer of large humanitarian and military aid. At the same time, ordinary people from other countries help as much as they can. Below is a photo report and the story of one of the Dutch truckers, who went close to the battlefield despite the risk to his life...

"Last night I returned home from a special trip. After some delay and waiting, we arrived at the Pokrovskoye site, Dnepropetrovsk, around 2:30 pm on Monday afternoon. It is located between Zaporizhzhia and Donetsk. We arrived here by driving straight through the Dnieper, a city of many faces. There are many checkpoints and trenches on the outskirts of the city. What struck me was the facial expression and the contrasts in the city. As the roads are very bad, it took us some time to get there.

When we arrived, we were picked up and taken to the village under supervision. We had to close all apps on the phones first and then turn them off.

A man on the spot drove ahead of us along the dam, according to him, about 20 km from the front. In the village we unloaded things at the school/children's group. Mostly food, clothing, hospital bedding, and pallets of chocolate.

We also brought mattresses and bicycles. We loaded the mattresses on the way to the Berlin area.

Many soldiers were stationed in the countryside, sometimes with entire families (father and son, brothers).

What touched me was that after I gave a little girl a teddy bear, I later heard after some commotion that this family had to leave immediately because the father had gone to fight for the front after staying for 5 months.

We were empty around 7:30pm but couldn't leave because the risk was too high. We shook hands with the mayor and the director of the residence, communication is difficult because they only speak Russian and Ukrainian.

We were allowed to sleep on 3 rollaway beds pushed together with pillows on top of them. During the night, the air raid alarm went off twice. The next morning we heard rockets flying overhead.

On Tuesday morning we said goodbye to a village that doesn't know what to expect but fears the worst... whatever it is. Everywhere you can see the movement of soldiers and their vehicles.

At the same time, they go above and beyond and produce smoked meats that have a longer shelf life due to smoking, and they make lemon juice from fruits.

After we left on Tuesday morning at 8 o'clock, we returned to the border at Medyka the next night. We passed it after 2 hours and continued to move alternately, after which we returned to Leeuwarden yesterday at one in the morning. Continuous driving 41 hours.

At least a hundred 40-foot sea containers with explosives and military equipment were found in the direction of UA.

What remained with me was the face of the girl after that hug, who now had to leave with her parents to ...

And, among other things, a lot of clothes and basins. They are used by soldiers who are really just civilians and cannot control their toilet process due to wounds or injuries.

I pray for these people and for this to stop! It's so close, only 2500 km!

Thanks to everyone for the interest and resources we've received. I was impressed even before the trip started!!!!

P.S. When we returned last night, we received information that the village had been bombed the night after our departure."

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