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Enemies are shelling hospitals and destroying children's childhood

The city was liberated and returned to Ukraine, but the disasters of the townspeople continue.

There is not a single hospital in Kherson that was not visited by the occupiers. And although there are less than 70,000 people in the city now, the work of doctors has become more difficult: there are amputations, mine-explosive injuries.

In the children's regional hospital, all the beds are occupied, and small patients are forced to sit in the shelter for a long time, because the enemy does not allow them to be treated in peace. The doctors themselves, as soon as they have the opportunity, go to consult people in the villages, many of whom are deprived of medical care because of the war.

The bomb shelter at the hospital was equipped in January. It was very necessary in the first days of the offensive. Then, they say, there was a relative silence, because ours fired only at enemy concentrations. On New Year's Eve, the Russians injured two children. a 12-year-old girl and a 13-year-old boy. He is in serious condition. And because of shelling, since the de-occupation, all the city's hospitals have suffered.

The Russian occupiers ruined the lives of thousands of Ukrainian children for many years in advance. The children will need the help of psychologists, or even psychiatrists, and even gastroenterologists, because in the occupied Kherson region, the children ate what their parents managed to stock up on.

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