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Everyday life of war: photos and videos of fierce battles

Unfortunately, the bloody and senseless invasion of Putin's troops continues. Ukraine is heroically defending itself, despite the fact that the enemy is bombarding the east of the country with shells and bombs. The most difficult situation is now taking place in the city of Bakhmut, where most of the infamous Wagner mercenary gang is fighting on the side of Russia. Meanwhile, more and more people are discussing the so-called counter-offensive of Ukraine in order to recapture the occupied territories. It is reported that numerous Western military vehicles will be used for this. Also, a video with dozens of pieces of military equipment was shown on social networks, but details were not reported.

In total, about a hundred tanks provided by NATO have already been transferred to Ukraine. Also, dozens of trained crews are gradually returning to the territory of Ukraine, which means that by mid-April they will be combat-ready.

British "Challenger" tanks are already in Ukraine, Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said. “The reinforced fist is getting stronger,” he said. Ukrainian paratroopers tested Challenger 2 tanks, Stryker armored personnel carriers, MRAP Cougar and Marder infantry fighting vehicles.

The British Ministry of Defense has shown a documentary about the training of Ukrainian soldiers on Challenger 2 tanks. "We went behind the scenes to show you how the British Army spent several weeks training Ukrainian tank crews to operate and fight with the mighty Challenger 2," - reported the Ministry of Defense of Great Britain.

It is also known that all defense enterprises in Poland will increase the production of shells for Ukraine and NATO. This was announced by Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki. He added: “We want private and public companies to produce munitions. Today we know that these munitions are in short supply throughout Europe, and I can say that it is no secret that they are in short supply throughout NATO.”

And in this video - AHS Krab - Polish self-propelled howitzer caliber 155 mm. A real artillery monster.

Unexpectedly... The Swedish anti-tank complex RBS-56 BILL 2 is already in the Armed Forces.

In the video below, soldiers of the 67th separate mechanized brigade, suppressing enemy infantry with machine gun fire, evacuated a wounded Ukrainian defender near Bakhmut.

The enemy dropped a grenade from a drone on the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and one of the fighters injured his hand with shrapnel. The evacuation was carried out on a Hummer SUV with a Browning heavy machine gun on the roof. While the wounded soldier got into the car, the machine gunner fired at the bushes where the enemy infantry was. A fighter from the evacuation transport also fired at the russians from a machine gun.

In the video below, one of the fighters went to a roadside store and returned to the battlefield, delivering coffee, hot dogs and energy drinks to his comrades. This is perhaps the most dangerous delivery that we can only imagine. Ukrainian fighters do not lose their morale and continue to fight.

The most fierce battles continue for Bakhmut, Avdeevka and Maryinka, the enemy is concentrating all efforts for an offensive in the Limansky, Bakhmutsky, Avdeevsky and Maryinsky directions. It is reported that the video below shows an attack with Tochka-U weapons on russians near the territory of the AZOM plant in Bakhmut.

While the Ukrainian army is receiving fairly modern Western weapons, the occupiers are bringing all the old Soviet equipment from Siberia and central Russia. The video below shows the transport of military trucks and armored vehicles from Buryatia toward Ukraine.

Despite the numerical superiority, the occupiers suffer huge losses in manpower and equipment.

The occupiers are actively mining fields in the Zaporizhzhia region with the help of the GMZ-3 caterpillar mine layer. Anti-tank mining is carried out by supplying mines from a cassette to a trigger conveyor with a mechanism for transferring mines to a combat position.

In the video below, a Ukrainian fighter shows off a "modern" Russian military helmet. Under a beautiful cover, a Soviet helmet of 1953 was found.

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