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Explosions in Crimea: photo, video

In the temporarily occupied Crimea, on August 9, several strong explosions occurred - then the military airfield of the russian invaders caught fire. What do we know now?

The explosions did not stop for more than an hour. A large number of ambulances immediately left in the direction of Novofedorovka from Evpatoria and other cities of Crimea.

Many tourists and locals are trying to leave the region, there are heavy traffic jams at the exit from the peninsula.

The local occupation "authorities" confirmed the explosions. At the same time, the former adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Andrusiv, hints that missiles with a range of 200-300 km have appeared in Ukraine and they are already being used.

A state of emergency has been declared in Crimea. The authorities of the annexed peninsula declared a high ("yellow") level of "terrorist threat" in the region from 20:00 on August 9 to 20:00 on August 24.

Most of the explosions were on the territory of a russian military unit. Ammunition depots are still detonating, according to local news agencies. A nearby military camp has also been seriously damaged - windows and doors in my houses have been shattered, several dozen cars have burned down.

The 43rd Fighter Aviation Regiment of Russia is currently based at the airfield, which mainly consists of Su-30SM, Su-33 aircraft and Su-24M bombers. Explosions also sounded in the nearby city of Saki.

Here is a video showing the destroyed Su-24. The exact location and date of filming is yet to be confirmed.

Three largest russian news agencies called the reason for the explosion of ammunition at the airfield "Saki" a violation of fire safety requirements. Of course they are lying. As a result of the explosions, one person died and 9 were injured.

Meanwhile, Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the presidential administration of Ukraine, commented on the explosions in Crimea as follows: “The future of Crimea is to be the pearl of the Black Sea, not a military base ... Everything is just beginning.”

Also in the Russian town of Yeysk, which is located almost opposite Mariupol, an oil depot is on fire. This city is an important transport hub for the delivery of combat equipment and the supply of oil products to the russian military.

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