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Footage of brutal battles from a drone and everyday life of war: video

Fierce fighting in Ukraine does not stop, and every day more and more new videos from eyewitnesses and the military appear on the Internet. We publish several videos that have appeared on the Internet over the past week. The article contains scenes of violence, so we ask that you do not continue if you are under the age of 18 or are particularly sensitive to such content. We will show the war "without beauty", such as it is. Unfortunately, Russian aggression continues, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to technically destroy the invaders and fight for their country. In the video below, the Ukrainian armed forces destroyed a russian "Terminator" tank support combat vehicle in the Luhansk region. Together with the "Terminator", two tanks of the russian armed forces were hit: the T-90M with a mine sweep and the T-80M.

The Terminator is a russian tank support combat vehicle designed to operate as part of tank formations in order to destroy enemy anti-tank weapons: to effectively suppress manpower equipped with grenade launchers, anti-tank systems, and small arms. Recently, the invaders boasted that the Terminator vehicle was almost impossible to destroy.

Under Ugledar, the Armed Forces of Ukraine defeated four tank columns of Russian troops (video below). The Russian invaders made a series of attempts to break through in the Ugledar direction, but suffered a total fiasco, losing about 30 armored vehicles in Ukrainian fields. In Russia, the video provoked strong criticism of military commanders and disappointment in tactics.

On February 6 and 7, a Russian motorized brigade launched an offensive against positions with many armored vehicles. To be honest, the enemy has had some success. But during these attacks, they lost a lot of manpower and armored vehicles. They lost about 7 tanks and 25 infantry fighting vehicles and more than 100 were killed in only a few local battles.

And the video below shows a Ukrainian "Novator" armored vehicle that was hit by an enemy shell. It can be seen that the military vehicle was slightly damaged, and after repair it will be able to perform combat missions again.

Below - footage of the destruction of the occupier's manpower by dropping grenades from drones. It is safe to say that drones are an effective means of warfare.

In Bakhmut, our soldiers are helping the wounded russian occupier, who does not even have a first-aid kit with him. The border guards, who gave their first-aid kit to the occupier, are wondering: “What are you, homeless people, doing here?”. The russian invader has no answer.

Below is another video of the drone attack. The grenade was thrown into a hole where the russian invaders were hiding.

The video below shows a dead Russian sniper. He carefully disguised himself in the forest, but in the end was discovered and eliminated by soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Another video from the battlefield. The earth around is full of craters from explosions of artillery shells, many dead soldiers in the bushes. Scary and sad, but this is what war looks like.

Video of our soldiers shooting down a russian missile from portable anti-aircraft missile system.

Another video of the destruction of a russian column of military armored vehicles.

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