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For the second day in a row, the Russians shelled Kherson fire stations.

The Russians once again confirmed the fact that they cannot be trusted.

What is Russian peace? This is to announce a regime of silence on Orthodox Christmas, and then brutally kill the civilian population, after going to church with a calm soul to pray for sins. Kherson. 06.01.2023 - from the very morning, the city and its inhabitants shuddered from loud shelling.

One rescuer died and four others were injured. One firefighter is in serious condition, three are in medium condition. They were taken to the hospital, where doctors provide them with the necessary assistance. The Russians also attacked a residential building next to the fire station. Despite the fact that the rescuers themselves came under fire, they went to put out the fire.

Russians talk about a "ceasefire". This is beyond the understanding of any civilized processes. Assassins and bloodthirsty terrorists . This is who Ukraine is at war with.

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