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Full video: Kamikaze drone blows up an oil refinery in Rostov (Russia)

A fire broke out at the Novoshakhtinsk Oil Refinery in the Rostov region after being hit by a kamikaze drone.

A lot of videos from the scene appeared on social networks. According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, the fire area is 50 square meters. There were no casualties.

The approximate content of the conversation of the workers who recorded the video of the attack:

- This is not a Ukrainian drone?

- Of course not!

- Wow! They blew up the factory! He flew in from Ukraine.

- Run! The factory is on fire!

The drone does not drop a bomb on an object, but crashes into it and explodes along with it.

Apparently, this is a Ukrainian multi-purpose UAV PD-2. Designed for aerial reconnaissance and combat use as a bomb load carrier with a warhead weighing up to 3 kg. It can fly from the runway (“like an airplane”), it can also be equipped with vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) modules.

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