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Google Maps declassified Russian military installations

Previously, on the maps of the Google Maps service, all strategically important objects for the Russian Federation were hidden. According to the media, now all this information has become available and any user has received the opportunity to access secret data.

In the Google Maps service, all military and strategic objects of Russia have become available in maximum resolution. Now various intercontinental ballistic missile launch silos, command posts, secret training grounds, etc. can be viewed with a resolution of about 0.5 meters per pixel.

Objects in the photo:

1. Cruiser "Admiral Kuznetsov";

2. Nuclear weapons storage base near Murmansk;

3. Fighter 5-generation Su-57 in the flight test center of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation;

4. Launching position of an intercontinental ballistic missile;

5. Air base near Kursk.

The information is still being verified, but it appears to be true.

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