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"Hate more than fear." Report from the Dnieper, where the russians destroyed a high-rise building

Saturday, January 14, turned into a tragedy for the residents of one of the Dnipro high-rise buildings. A russian rocket hit their house. As of 1:20 p.m. on January 16, there were 40 dead, 75 wounded, and at least 35 missing. Rescue workers continue to dismantle the rubble, doctors - to fight for the lives of Dnipro residents, and relatives of the dead - to curse Russia, which came to our country with the war.

Oleg, a local resident of Dnipro, is in one of the nearest hospitals. His body is covered with wounds and scratches. Oleg and his wife lived in a ruined high-rise building destroyed by russian missiles. They miraculously survived this weekend. “There was a loud explosion, everything was blown up,” Oleg recalls. It is still difficult for him to speak and even keep his eyes open for a long time - due to burns and glass wounds.

“We couldn’t get out of the apartment ourselves because the door collapsed. We were pulled out through the 4th floor window. I’m very glad that I’m alive, that everything is fine with my wife. Thanks to our rescuers, doctors and the Armed Forces. I hope that everything will be fine ”, says the victim, who does not seem to have recovered from the shock.

When a Russian rocket flew into the house of 24-year-old Nastya, she was resting in her bed. At that time, parents were making candles for the Armed Forces in the kitchen. After the explosion, the girl was immediately covered with a door. She received a head injury, her legs were torn by fragments.

Nastya managed to survive, and her parents died. She did not immediately find out about this, because on the evening of January 14, someone wrote on social networks that he had seen them alive.

Her family's apartment was in ruins—parts of the kitchen, bath, hallway, and closet were all gone. Everything is destroyed. This is also evidenced by the photo in which Nastya is sitting in the middle of a bathroom covered with concrete walls. Then she waited an hour for rescuers.

Rescuers explained that due to the fact that the house was made of panels, after the explosion, almost all the panels collapsed and fell out. People were deep under the rubble, and therefore it was extremely difficult to save them.

“Three of the wounded died almost immediately, 8 were in an extremely serious condition in the intensive care unit,” says a doctor at one of the medical facilities in Dnipro.

“Three patients were immediately sent from the resuscitation room to the operating room. Stones, pieces of concrete, metal fragments were removed from wounds of the head, chest, abdomen, limbs by surgeons. More than 20 liters of blood were transfused,” says the physician.

“That's where you see the rubble - there was my kitchen,” the woman tries to joke, showing the remains of her apartment. She says that she managed to escape by a miracle, because a few hours before the rocket arrived, she left the apartment.

“In one moment we lost everything…”, the woman sighs bitterly.

It is 2 degrees below zero and sleet outside, because of the acrid smell of smoke it is hard to breathe, but this does not stop the work of rescuers for a minute. Under the rumble of construction equipment and generators, under the light of searchlights, they sort out the rubble all night.

"Is anyone alive?" - shout the rescuers working on the removal of blockages in the Dnieper. At this moment, all equipment is silenced, and a minute of silence is announced. It is important for workers to hear any signal that survivors give.

"There is! There is someone there! A woman!" rescuers scream. They continue to excavate as carefully as possible because every wrong move is a threat to the death of a potentially saved person.

About 10 hours after the first contact with the woman under the rubble took place, the State Emergency Service rescued her. The woman was immediately transported to the hospital.

Volunteers and ordinary citizens united in the first hours after the tragedy. The Dnieper brought food, water, medicines and warm clothes. Local authorities organized places for heating, volunteers provided food and warm tea, as well as legal advice and psychological assistance.

“When I look at this tragedy, I have a double feeling,” says Ksenia, who lives in a house nearby. “On the one hand, I feel very sorry for the dead and injured, and on the other, I admire our ability to unite and help each other.”

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