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How is ammunition stored in the Russian army? Often it is about chaos and disorder.

Almost every week in Russia there are explosions of ammunition and shells in warehouses. Warehouses with military ammunition explode both in the occupied Ukrainian territories in the Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson regions, and deep in the rear in Russia. And if in the first case the incidents occur due to attacks by the Ukrainian army and high-precision intelligence, we must not forget about the traditional russian mess and cases of theft in the army. For example, before the war, Russian generals and military commanders often stole equipment, military uniforms, food kits, and more for the purpose of selling. Theft and corruption were present at all levels of army life. Money for the annual maintenance of military equipment and checking the conditions of storage of ammunition was constantly stolen, and everything was clean and correct on the documents.

All this has led to the fact that now Russia lacks high-precision modern weapons, and what has been in warehouses since the Soviet era has lost its working condition. Let's take the Western Military District of Russia as an example. Ammunition storage conditions violate all sorts of norms. This is what one of the open storage areas looks like. In this pile of rotten wood are about 90 wagons of 125 mm high-explosive fragmentation shells with charges for them.

Most of these shells are in assembled condition.

The same situation is with other types of shells. 100mm ammo. The shells themselves are either unpackaged or in rotten crumbling packaging.

Each projectile (203mm) - spent 20kg. Loaded into ordinary wagons and transported by rail. One accidental blow on a sharp turn on the primer and a deadly firework is guaranteed.

And this is the region of Udmurtia, where several hundred ammunition exploded recently in such an outdoor storage depot.

And in the Kherson region, the retreating Russian troops abandoned their warehouses, where very old ammunition of 1974-1978 for T-62 tanks was found.

And in the photo below you can see the condition of the russian military tractor, which is used to transport tanks and other heavy military vehicles.

In the video below, a Ukrainian soldier demonstrates a thin metal sheet from a russian military body armor. Of course, such protection will not be able to protect the body of a soldier from bullets and shrapnel.

The mess is observed not only in military warehouses. In the military community, fights and even shootouts often occur. For example, quite recently in the Belgorod region, two soldiers shot a group of their colleagues during a training session. 11 people died, 15 were seriously injured. Russian occupiers die before they even reach Ukraine. In the photo below - photos from the military training ground where this emergency happened. It is known that some of the soldiers were recently mobilized and did not really want to take part in the war.

And in this video, a russian soldier is beaten by another soldier from his military unit "for insulting Muslims." Of course, with such relations within the military unit, there is no question of any motivation for war.

But not only the soldiers of the Russian army suffer from the mess and lack of technical support. In the city of Yeysk, Krasnodar region, a Su-34 bomber crashed near a residential nine-story building. The house started a strong fire, there was a series of explosions. The plane crashed, according to authorities, killing 13 people and injuring 19 others. The pilot ejected, he survived.

Video of the moment of the accident appeared later. The footage shows how the engine of the plane flashes, it begins to lose altitude, falls and explodes.

Russians are fighting not for the security of their homeland, but for the power of Putin and his people. Unfortunately, propaganda has completely broken the mental health of russian society - and most russians support the war and the genocide of Ukrainians. Opponents of the Putin regime and oppositionists are either in prison or left the country, and there is simply no one to change the political situation inside Russia. The war continues. The most correct decision for russian soldiers, who have already understood the whole absurdity of the actions of their army, is to surrender. Such cases are now very frequent - after all, this is the only way to save life.

Ukraine even launched a special program that helps the russian military to surrender in the safest way. To get advice, call +38 066 580 34 98 and +38 093 119 29 84 (24/7). The website of this program provides answers to many important questions.

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