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How Ukrainians live in the Tijuana refugee camp in Mexico

Thousands of Ukrainians Refugees Arrive at U.S.-Mexico Border. There they are waiting for permission to enter the United States.

At the end of March, the Americans promised to accept Ukrainian refugees, but for now they live in gyms and sleep on the floor. Or at best - on bunk beds.

“They process 100, 150 or even 200 a day, and it takes almost three hours to process them,” says an eyewitness. “That’s why we see this mini-camp on the border.”

Volunteers help by listing people arriving at the border and assigning them a number so they don't have to queue all the time they're waiting to enter, which can take much longer than 24 hours...

California resident Inna Levien, a volunteer group member, provided families with essentials such as food, blankets, tents and toys to keep their children busy. Those who have finances are recommended to stay in hotels where rooms cost 40-60 dollars per night.

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