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In Kherson, the car of one of the most famous local collaborators was blown up. He died

It became known that the traitor Dmitry Savluchenko died today. He was a member of the New Russia organization, was a pro-Russian activist. After the occupation of Kherson, he headed the direction of work with youth and sports in the "administration" of the occupiers.

Several politicians of Kherson captured by Russian troops, who used to work in the city administration, went over to the Russian side after the occupation. Previously, they advocated the unity of Ukraine and the return of the stolen territories, but now they have changed their point of view. Obviously, the partisan movement in Kherson will not leave the traitors unattended - very soon they will have to answer for the criminal decision to serve Russia. Partisan groups in Kherson contribute every day to the liberation of the temporarily occupied territories.

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