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July 5: rocket attacks on Mykolaiv and Slavyansk: photo, video

Against the background of some success in the east of Ukraine, the russian army continues to bomb Mykolaiv, Odesa and other cities more and more. Every day for citizens begins with an air alarm. No one knows what the next target will be for russian missiles...

On July 5, during the morning shelling, one russian shell hit the cultural center of the city of Mykolaiv. The building received serious damage.

"There are no words... How many generations of creative children and adults have visited the House of Culture not only as visitors but also as participants in the creative process... how many events... contests... projects... programs..." - one of the employees of the Culture House shared his emotions.

Several more rockets hit other industrial and civilian buildings. Very soon, videos of eyewitnesses appeared in local Telegram channels. The scale of destruction and fires is astonishing. For several hours after the rockets struck, rescuers extinguished fires and cleared debris.

The russians also sent part of their forces in the direction of Slavyansk. The tactics of the Russians are still the same - complete destruction of the city. The center of Slavyansk was shelled with cluster munitions. Unfortunately, there are dead and wounded.

Police report at least 2 dead and 7 wounded.

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