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Light always prevails over darkness, and truth – over falsehoods.

The Russians are waging war against the civilian population by attacking infrastructure facilities. Their strikes have an impact on the lives of Ukrainians throughout the country. The occupiers hope that in this way, due to people's discontent, they will be able to force the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyi, to negotiate. But here they were wrong, because most Ukrainians understand that only the Russians are to blame for turning off the light or water and understand the inconveniences that arise.

Light always prevails over darkness, and truth – over falsehoods. That is why our invincible nation will overcome all challenges and ultimately prevail. Russian occupiers will never understand this as they try to cause blackouts in Ukraine, but already exist for a long time in an impenetrable darkness themselves.

Ukrainians grateful to everyone who helps overcomes unprecedented challenges created by the terrorist state.When the large-scale shelling ends, our energy workers, rescue teams, utility workers go into battle to overcome the darkness. These people help our country persevere. Every day they go to work realizing that danger awaits them there. A typically once in a five-year repair job has become a daily ritual for these engineers. Everyday they rebuild the whole cable network from scratch in order for light to appear in every Ukrainian.

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