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May 9 - The celebration of liberation in Russia has become a celebration of propaganda.

Russia is now what she is celebrating victory over.

The perfidious attack at 5 am, contrary to the beliefs of Kremlin spokesman Peskov and propagandists from federal TV channels, destroyed predominantly russian-speaking cities (the views of which now resemble photographs of the Second World War), millions of refugees, civilian dead, orphans ... And crowds of russians supporting Putin , like zombies applauding it. Censorship, closure of the media, denunciations, threats to their own citizens...

May 9 - The celebration of liberation in Russia has become a celebration of propaganda.

Now, for example, the forests in the heart of russia - Siberia - are burning again, but no one cares about the problems inside the country, because Moscow is busy with the dubious "capture of Kyiv". From whom is russia saving Ukraine? A russian person does not even have full rights within their country, and they come up with insane reasons for a cynical invasion. "russian speakers in Ukraine are oppressed." - propaganda says. Cynical lie.

Thousands of wounded soldiers of the russian federation die, lose their arms and legs, not even understanding why they go to war. war for no reason. Or did someone attack russia? Russian propaganda cannot give any reasonable arguments, only blind slogans. In a year, maximum two, everyone will forget about these "heroes". Are many people now sincerely suffering for the russian heroes of Afghanistan? Chechnya? Syria? It's the same with them. Until they remind you from the TV, everyone will be indifferent.

Simple things to understand this situation:

- dictatorship and irremovability of power is bad,

- starting wars is bad and leads to poverty,

- the army and navy should protect their country, and not attack others.

Although for many russians such banal things are still not clear ...

Ukraine will definitely win.

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