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Military call-up in Russia: chaos, alcohol, lack of equipment

Russia continues its actions to capture and destroy Ukraine, which they call a "special military operation." Although it is already clear to everyone that this is a full-scale war, no matter what false language the Kremlin uses. Moreover, this war brought huge losses to Russia itself. For the first time since the Second World War, military mobilization was announced in Russia. Meanwhile, a demonstration was held in the center of Moscow to support the actions of the Russian authorities. It consisted mostly of civil servants of ministries and departments and their relatives.

Putin and his supporters are incapable of not lying - they have long shown themselves to be liars. And now they did not have the courage to say "mobilization" to the russians. Instead, Putin said "partial mobilization" and promised that only 300,000 former military men would be called up. Of course, this turned out to be a lie, and on the same day the military registration and enlistment offices began to call everyone - from pensioners and the disabled to fathers with many children. Russian society is divided into two parts. The first group began to gather for an aggressive war, not wanting to understand the criminal actions of the army. The second part of the people is trying to avoid being drafted to war - they run away to other countries or try to injure themselves so as not to serve. The international community expected Putin's latest criminal decision to spark protests, but the people in Russia are practically incapable of resisting or even expressing their political opinion. Let's see how military conscription works in Russia. In this video, mobilized men from the distant Russian region of Kamchatka are on their way to training before being sent to war. Right on the bus, they do their favorite thing - drink alcohol. Profanity is present.

In this condition russian men come to military bases. Comments are superfluous...

This man complains that he is being forced to go to war. He says that he is 63 years old and has many diseases, but the doctors said that he "should go to war."

Another group of russian men who, apparently, are "ready to liberate Ukraine from fascism."

The military bases and locations where the russian military administration is going to train future invaders are not equipped with anything - not even beds.

Despite the lack of logic in this war, the number of men willing to die for Putin's sick fantasies is still astonishing. In this video, a large group of would-be invaders are walking through a military base in the Primorsky region. "We don't know where we are going. But we will destroy the Kyiv regime. There are many of us." - the approximate content of the speech of the author of the video.

This russian man appears to be trying to be physically harmed to avoid being sent to war in Ukraine. His friends are screaming "One more time! One more time! Not enough yet!"...

In the video below, one of those who will be cannon fodder asks a military commander: "why do you send young people without military experience to go to war?" Instead of answering a logical question, the military commander asks the police to arrest the "too smart" man.

Most would-be soldiers look like homeless, judging by the uniforms issued. Conditions match...

And then a female soldier tells the recruits that there is no equipment for them and that they need to buy everything on their own - sleeping bags, medicines. She recommends buying women's tampons and pads. Tampons are suggested to be put into bullet holes to stop bleeding, and women's pads are put in shoes to keep their feet dry. Perfect.

Russians who do not want to be cannon fodder and die for the dictator's sick ideas are fleeing abroad to neighboring countries, for example, to Finland, Mongolia, Georgia. Russians also actively travel to Kazakhstan.

In the video below - the border of Georgia and Russia. Many kilometers of traffic jams have appeared, and men have already begun to be denied permission to leave the country. Also, eyewitnesses report that the russian military arrived there and begin to deploy a mobile mobilization point to send men to Ukraine.

But there are people who are more determined. They don't want to die and kill. They go out to protest - for example, in Dagestan. They express their disagreement with the criminal government and its decisions. Even if they have to use force to do so.

There was a shooting in one of the Irkutsk military registration and enlistment offices. The wounded military commissar died. The shooter turned out to be 25-year-old Ruslan Zinin, he was arrested. Instead of silently going to the military front, he began to shoot at those who carry out Putin's criminal orders.

Some russian citizens show their protest by setting fire to military enlistment offices and administrative buildings.

But there are no major protests. As already mentioned, part of the male population dutifully goes to die, the other part is trying by all means to escape from the country. Putin continues his bloody game of blackmailing with nuclear weapons and destroying the cities of Ukraine...

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