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Mobilization in Russia: panic, protests, escape

After the Decree on mobilization signed by Putin, protests took place in Russia. Relatively large were in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Human rights activists report hundreds of protesters caught by police across the country.

In Russia, local activists and citizens have joined the protests against the "partial mobilization" announced by the Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin to replenish the manpower that will fight against Ukraine and the "united West".

In particular, the protests took place in the Urals, Siberia, the Far East, Tver, Voronezh, St. Petersburg, Moscow and other cities. Russians took to the central squares because they do not agree with the decision of the president of the aggressor country Putin. But what is wrong with these protests? In general, the same thing - low activity and a small number of participants. Putin's regime has taught russians to be afraid and not to fight for their rights. Even a potential death in Ukraine does not change the russian mentality - many young men hope to illegally buy a medical certificate of unfitness for military service. “I hope they will take my neighbor or colleague to war, but not me,” thinks the average citizen of Russia. In the city of Tomsk, there were more police officers than protesters. This video was filmed before the event, but in the following hours the situation did not change much.

Novosibirsk. The number of people can be compared to the number of people in a large supermarket. "A drop in the sea". This speaks of the fear of expressing an opinion and absolute apathy even in such a critical situation.

In different cities, the situation is the same - Putin's security forces detain protesters, regardless of gender and age. The detained people were just walking around, they didn't hold banners, they didn't shout. Some protestants are beaten and insulted.

Caught people shout "no war" in desperation... Around 1,300 protestants were caught and sent to the police all over Russia, who did not agree with the bloody policy of the Kremlin.

Those Russians who want to avoid being sent to war but are afraid to protest are trying to leave a country that may soon be isolated like North Korea. At the borders with neighboring countries, traffic jams from escaping tens of kilometers were formed. People are afraid and do not want to die for the crazy ideas of the dictator. But for some reason, when Russia attacked Ukraine, they remained silent and remained neutral. The deaths of Ukrainian civilians did not worry them.

Russians are trying to travel by car to Finland, Georgia, even Mongolia. All plane tickets are sold out for the next few days, panic reigns in society.

Meanwhile, in some regions of Russia, cannon fodder is already being sent to war. Putin's dishonest, senseless and predatory war, where they will find their death. On the video - sending men to war from the depressive region of Yakutia. The same videos from other regions appear on the Internet. Brainwashed people go to kill and die.

The Russian opposition also called the children of prominent russian politicians, including the son of Putin's chief spokesman, Dmitry Peskov. The politician's son, like many others, nervously replied that he was not going to go to war and would "resolve the issue at a different level."

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