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Modern Russia: personality cult, fascism or mass insanity? All at once.

Many political scientists have long called the Putin regime fascist. After the invasion of Ukraine, these comparisons began to sound much more often. For example, former President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma drew an analogy between the attack on Kyiv at four in the morning in 1941 and the Russian bombing of the Ukrainian capital on February 24, 2022.

There are other factors that prove this. For example, fascism should be characterized by the cult of one leader - in our case, Vladimir Putin. The scientist calls the second sign the consolidation around the cult of the dead - in Russia this cult is built around the victory in World War II. And, finally, the state ideology must contain the myth of the lost "golden age" of the empire, which must be restored through military victory over enemies. If the structure of its political management contains the listed elements, then, according to some historians and scientists, it is fascist.

Putin's fascism is everywhere in Russia. The Z-swastika is becoming a cult. The two faces of Russian state television, Olga Skabeeva and Vladimir Solovyov, strongly resemble Nazi propagandists. They blame the West and call on Putin to put the nuclear arsenal into action. Russian fascism hates the West, Ukraine and opponents within the Russian Federation. "Traitors to their home" are killed or in prison, the war in Ukraine aims to destroy it, and in the West, Russia sponsors any parties that can help blow up democracy from the inside. Ukraine for Putin is a source of "dangerous ideas".

Fascists who call others “fascists” are fascism taken to its illogical extreme, a cult of the absurd. This is the end point where hate speech turns white into black. Branding others with the word “fascist” and at the same time being a fascist yourself is the main method of Putinism. The most elegant formulation of this phenomenon is given by the Ukrainians: they call the Russian madness “ruscism", also known as rashism or russism”. If one were to travel back to our era from the 1930s, one would easily recognize Putin's regime as fascist. The Z symbol, rallies, propaganda, war as a cleansing act of violence, and mass graves around Ukrainian cities make this quite obvious. Particularly cynical and revealing was the mass event at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow on February 22, 2023. This is a concert in support of the war and Putin, who was also there with another false and hateful speech towards the West. After threats with a nuclear weapon, he decided to scare the world with something much more terrible - a creepy concert of Russian music stars called "Glory to the Defenders of the Fatherland."

The concert was opened by actor Vladimir Mashkov. He read a cynical poem about the Russian capture of the Ukrainian city of Mariupol. The poem is told on behalf of a Russian soldier who "took Mariupol", while not mentioning the transformation of the city into ruins, and ends with the phrase "The Sea of Azov near my boots." The video can be viewed here:

To bring the situation to the point of complete absurdity, people in military uniforms from the times of the World War with rifles ran around the stage.

The host was introduced to the Chelyabinsk military Yuri Gagarin with the call sign "Angel", who allegedly "saved" (and most likely kidnapped) 367 children from Mariupol. At that moment, according to the presenters, a group of rescued children appeared at the stadium. One of the girls, Anya, was given the word: “Thank you Uncle Yura for saving me, my sister and hundreds of thousands of children from Mariupol,” she said, after which she stopped and said that she “forgot the words a little.”

Opposite the Luzhniki stadium, they noticed the Pantsir-S1 air defense system.

In addition, during Putin's speech, a sniper was on duty under the roof of the stadium. The highest level of security was provided for the speech of dictator Putin.

To achieve the ambitious goal of 200 thousand people at the concert, the organizers recruited state employees for a fee - 500 rubles (about $ 6), and, for example, students were promised exemption from classes. However, due to the cold weather, something went wrong, and the visitors began to run away.

"Do the guys in the trenches get cold? It's their choice," the protesters explained their early departure to the journalist.

During the event, entire sectors of the stadium were empty. And after the rally, the "patriots" laid Russian flags at the trash can.

Modern Russia is trying very hard to seem like a "great country". But even without a closer look, it is clear that this is a country of absurdity now. Wrong turn. There are no achievements or scientific discoveries, no industry, no security and no freedom of speech. But there is propaganda, war and genocide in Ukraine, as total lies, criminal conflicts and crises within the country. It is quite clear that such a country poses a great danger and should, at a minimum, be stopped and deprived of economic and political ties. Such a Russian government has no right to exist. What to do with the population who believes that "Russians are the best in the world."? There is no answer now. The opinion of the author may not coincide with the opinion of the editors.

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