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Molotov cocktails as an act of disagreement with military terror are used in Russia

In Russia, people are increasingly setting fire to military enlistment offices and protesting with Molotov cocktails

Perhaps because of the rumors of impending mobilization due to the lack of significant success in the invasion of Ukraine, ordinary Russians are increasingly setting fire to military registration and enlistment offices. Most of society in Russia takes a neutral position on the war in Ukraine - they express silent agreement. At the same time, there are concerned citizens showing their protest against Putin's bloody adventure.

In this video, you can see: an unknown person threw two bottles of fiery liquid at the military registration and enlistment office in Nizhnevartovsk. One "Molotov cocktail" went out immediately, from the second the wooden paneling caught fire. The activist fled. Propaganda first reported that the fire was the result of a "short circuit", but later this video appeared on the Internet.

On May 2, in the center of Moscow, a man threw a Molotov cocktail at a police bus. The car was extinguished, and the activist was caught.

Earlier, on March 9, in Lukhovitsy, Moscow Region, an activist painted the gates of the local military registration and enlistment office in the colors of the State Flag of Ukraine and wrote: "I will not go to kill my brothers." After that, he climbed over the fence and threw Molotov cocktails into the windows of the building, which caused a fire.

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