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Morning rocket explosions in Mykolaiv took the lives of two, houses were destroyed

Residents of the southern Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv woke up earlier than usual this morning. Among them were our employees too.

Maxim (name changed), an employee of our company, recently returned to Mykolaiv with his family. He felt that the city had become safe enough for that. They fled the war in the first months in the western regions of Ukraine. Finding housing for rent is now very difficult, because crowds of refugees literally flooded the west of the country. Three months after the start of the war, our employee returned to his hometown of Mykolaiv, but was this not a premature decision?

Today, he and his little children woke up in horror from deafening explosions. Russian troops attacked urban areas again. After reassuring the children a little and looking out the window, Maxim saw a column of black smoke on the horizon - no more than a kilometer from his house. It was about 6 am. People began to run out into the street in a panic - they did not know whether to expect repeated arrivals of missiles. Our employee rode his bike to the epicenter of events. He wanted to assess the extent of the damage and help the victims, since he has some basic skills as a doctor. In the end, he found that one house was almost destroyed, while another 5 civilian buildings were badly damaged. The ambulance has already arrived, eyewitnesses reported one dead and dozens of injured people. Later it became known that another person died in the hospital. Maxim met another employee of our company, Andew, who lives very close to the epicenter of events.

We present to your attention photos and videos - some of them were made by Maxim. Some videos are taken from the social networks of the city. We publish photos and videos from the place of explosions only after they have already appeared in official sources and do not represent state secrets.

Events of this nature strike terror into the civilian population of Ukraine. The complete uncertainty of tomorrow. Many have already lost their homes. Many have lost family and friends...

What other price must Ukraine pay for deciding to be a free and democratic country?

The army of terrorists continues to destroy Ukraine, erasing cities from the face of the Earth. We hope that all this will end. Will end with the victory of Ukraine.

Video of the destruction of a civilian house on the morning of June 17 in Mykolaiv:

The driver of this Kia Rio died:

Neighboring houses lost their roofs and windows:

Rescuer after a difficult shift:

Our worker Maxim found fragments of a cruise missile:

A local resident saved her cat:

The elderly woman still cannot understand what happened...

This young guy lost his home.

The father of the family inspects his destroyed apartment:

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