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Mykolaiv and Ochakov receives shelling of the Russian troops

Yesterday occupiers struck on Ochakov with the forbidden cluster shells, - the head of the Mykolaiv regional council on humanitarian questions of the region Anna Zamazeeva told.

Also since last night chaotically fired at the majority of areas of Mykolaiv. There is the destruction of civilian facilities, houses, civil infrastructure of the city. Two rockets fell in the territory of the Mykolaiv zoo.

Oleksandr Senkevich, the mayor of the city, says:

"The night was tense today. Russian troops chaotically shelled our city. Dwelling houses, tire service, car center, electric pole, offices and shops - these are the "military" objects that came under fire.

In the morning I went around all these locations. Emergency workers and communal workers work on the ground. Let's fix everything and put it in order."

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