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Mykolaiv under shelling again: photo, video

In recent days, the population of the southern Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv has been waking up again to the sounds of Russian rocket explosions. The calm life of people was changed by the war. Air raid sirens are heard every day. Russian invaders launch rockets from the Kherson region.

The Russians had been firing guided missiles for several days. Two private factories were damaged. On their territory there were fuels and lubricants and food, sunflower oil. One school was also damaged: windows were shattered, the roof was destroyed. Five five-story houses were damaged (windows in the entrances and entrance doors were broken). Several people were injured, one died.

Here is such a funnel formed as a result of morning shelling:

And here is the video of the rocket arriving at the gas station. By a happy coincidence, people survived. Death was very close.

Due to shelling and bombing, fires often occur in the region, causing great harm to both people and nature. Only on June 21, 8 cases of fires were registered due to the shelling of the Russian military.

Of the successes of the Ukrainian army, it can be noted that today a paratrooper from Mykolaiv shot down a Russian Su-25 "Grach" attack aircraft. Details are being specified.

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