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New $1.1 billion military aid from the US: details

We checked the documents about the announced military aid from the US and found out some details. In addition to special equipment, there are military vehicles and missile systems that will help the Ukrainians get their stolen lands back.

The full list of $1.1 billion in new US aid includes:

-18 HIMARS missile systems and related ammunition;

-150 armored multipurpose wheeled vehicles (HMMWV);

-150 tactical vehicles for towing weapons;

-40 trucks and 80 trailers for transporting heavy equipment;

-2 radars for drones;

-20 multifunctional radars;

- Devices for fighting drones (Titan C-UAS);

-Communication and surveillance devices;

- Equipment for the disposal of explosive objects;

- Body armor and other field equipment;

- Funding for training, maintenance and support.

While Russia's unprovoked invasion of Ukraine is now in its seventh month, US commitment to Ukraine remains unwavering.

European countries also continue to provide important aid to Ukraine. For example, Lithuania will give Ukraine a winter military uniform for about 2 million euros. This was stated by the Minister of Defense of the country Arvydas Anusauskas. In total, the uniform will be enough for 25,000 soldiers. According to the Minister of Defense of Latvia, already now the amount of assistance from Lithuania with weapons and other military equipment is about 209 million euros. In particular, Lithuania handed over 105 mm howitzers and M113 armored vehicles, and has already equipped 500 Ukrainian servicemen.

And on the latest cover of the "Washington Examiner" magazine, Ukraine was depicted after the loss of Putin and Russia. It appeared immediately after the content of the new aid package for Ukraine was published. On the cover, a girl in the image of Ukraine holds two prizes for the victory: "EU" and "NATO".

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