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Eyewitnesses report new wave of drone strikes on Ukraine's critical infrastructure

Today, Russia started another wave of attacks on the critical infrastructure of Ukraine from about 4-5 o'clock in the morning. Objects in Kyiv, Sumy, Dnipropetrovsk regions have already been hit, and information about new points continues to come in. One of the explosions in Kyiv sounded near the railway station. Explosions sounded in the city practically non-stop this morning.

Kamikaze drones flew in large numbers, police and military tried to shoot them down with small arms. In this video, you can hear the characteristic sound of the engine of an Iranian-made combat drone, as well as automatic bursts.

The Ukrainian defense has already learned how to shoot down Shahed-136 low-flying combat drones (the russians put "Geran" stickers on them). But the problem is that the russians launch a series of 10-15 drones at once, and many still reach the targets. The crew of the patrol police in the video below shot down a combat drone from an automatic weapon, a journalist tells about this.

The news agency Agence France-Presse showed a photo of the attack of one of the drones on Kyiv:

By the way, the work of journalists under fire is also very difficult and dangerous. They work in coordination with the police and the Ukrainian military in order to show us the most real situation from the scene of events.

And this is a video of the moment of the attack in Kyiv this morning.

During search and rescue operations in a residential building in the center of Kyiv, where a russian drone fell, the bodies of three dead civilians were pulled out. This was reported by the city mayor. Among them is a young couple, a husband and wife who were expecting a child. The woman was 6 months pregnant.

Russian soldiers write inscriptions on missiles and drones. For example, "Revenge for Belgorod" is written on the wreckage of the drone in the photo below. It is noteworthy that russian missiles most often fall on Belgorod due to low quality and launch incidents.

But today rockets and drones attacked not only Kyiv, but also other regions of Ukraine. For example, in the southern city of Mykolaiv, a rocket destroyed huge tanks with edible sunflower oil. Now thousands of tons of oil are spilling right through the streets of the city. Stupid and senseless russian terrorism is gaining momentum.

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