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Night attack on Odesa with Kalibr missiles: three dead, 13 wounded (video)

An enemy missile hit the storeroom causing destruction and fire. 3 employees of the warehouse were killed, and 7 were injured. Debris clearing took several hours.

The city authorities report that several missiles were shot down with the help of an air defense system. However, some rockets still exploded right in the city.

Videos of eyewitnesses and people whose houses were damaged began to appear on messengers. There is profanity, and people are shocked.

As a result of the night attack, a fire broke out in the area of one of the business centers. There is a hit in the warehouse of the trading network.

And here is the video of the moment of the missile attack on the Odesa warehouse of the Tavria B supermarket in Odesa that night and the consequences...

Almost every night, a terrorist country kills civilians in Ukraine and its defenders. Of course, the Ukrainians will never forget this vile and cruel aggression and will fight the invaders. And no doubt they will win.

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