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On the eve of Victory Day celebrations, Russia bombs Ukrainian cities

On the night of May 9, air defense destroyed 23 out of 25 cruise missiles launched by the Russian aggressor.

At about 22.00 hours on May 8, the aggressor country fired eight Caliber cruise missiles from carriers in the Black Sea, which they sent to the eastern regions of Ukraine. All eight were destroyed by air defense forces.

Already closer to 04.00 am on May 9, the invaders launched 17 air-launched cruise missiles from strategic aircraft (four Tu-95MS). Most of them were destroyed by Ukrainian defenders. Almost all night, an air raid alert sounded in the Ukrainian capital, and many people went down to the subway to escape if bombs fell on the city. This situation has become almost familiar to civilians. People have learned to sleep, work and even teach children while at metro stations and in the basements of multi-storey buildings and underground parking lots.

And it's not in vain. A day earlier, due to the fall of the wreckage of a Russian combat drone, 7 cars were damaged and another 1 car caught fire, the destruction fell on a residential building, windows, and facades. 5 people were injured and received medical assistance.

A funnel from enemy shelling in the Kyiv region was published by the head of the regional police. The diameter of the hit is about 8 meters, the depth is more than 2.5. There are no injuries or property damage.

Another fragment of a Russian rocket landed on a field in the Kyiv region. Meanwhile, the United States believes that Russia's war against Ukraine went "not according to plan", so the aggressor resorts to shelling peaceful Ukrainian cities, as well as critical infrastructure facilities. In fact, there is almost no doubt about this fact for a long time.

And this is the crater after the morning rocket attack on the Cherkasy region. “Preliminary, the attack was with two cruise missiles. There were no casualties,” said the head of the region Igor Taburets.

The fragments of rockets in the Kyiv region damaged the building.

And what happens in these hours in Russia? Tens of millions of people support the war of conquest in Ukraine and equate their occupiers with the soldiers of the Soviet army who defeated Hitler's troops in World War II. People do not want to think about the quality of life and products, decent education and medicine. They only rave about militarism and the desire to "show weapons to the whole world" again. In some cases, military-patriotic events look like some kind of nonsense and absurdity. Just look.

Children are actively involved and immersed in the atmosphere of war and false patriotism. They would like a normal childhood, but their parents and teachers decided that tanks and missiles were more important.

And right now, armored vehicles with nuclear missiles are driving on Red Square as part of the annual Victory Parade. In his speech, the aged dictator again promises greatness to the people of Russia, and also continues his rhetoric of nuclear blackmail of the whole world. Evil must be stopped before the consequences become too severe...

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