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Rocket attack on Zaporizhzhia on October 6, serious destruction

At about five o'clock on Thursday morning, the city of Zaporizhzhia was subjected to heavy rocket fire, a direct hit on seven multi-storey residential buildings. Entire hallways were destroyed. Now it is difficult to calculate the number of victims, but it is already clear that it is significant. Rocket strikes on Zaporizhzhia have become more frequent in recent days against the backdrop of a successful offensive by the Ukrainian army on Kherson. The position of russian forces is already under threat in Kherson itself. Ukrainian troops are trying to develop the offensive as far as possible in the south and east of the country before the onset of autumn wet weather and rains. After that, active hostilities will be difficult. Most likely, until winter, the armies will remain in the positions that they will conquer in the next two weeks.

According to preliminary data, one woman died. Another died in an ambulance. At the same time, at least five people are under the rubble of houses.

"Many people have been saved. Among them is a three-year-old girl, the child is hospitalized. A rescue operation is underway at the scene," the city authorities said.

There was also another powerful explosion in the private sector. An elderly woman died. The man in the video - her husband - painfully tells the journalist the details:

“The wife is dead. They say that there was damage to the internal organs, plus a heart problem. Stroke or I don't know what. In short, she died in the ambulance. She sat, sat until the ambulance arrived and began to lose consciousness. They tried to revive her, but they couldn't save her"...

This is not a special operation, as the russians say. It's not even a war. This is terror and genocide, without any doubt.

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