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Russia attacked the capital of Ukraine with drones

On the morning of Monday, October 17, Russia once again attacked Kyiv with kamikaze drones.

At about 06:15, an air-raid alert was declared throughout Kyiv region and in several other regions. According to eyewitnesses, the first explosion in the capital occurred around 06:35, many more loud explosions were heard later.

Russia fired 28 kamikaze drones toward Kiev Shahed-136. Most of the drones were shot down by the air defense of the Ukrainian Armed Forces; only five made it to Kiev. One of the explosions occurred in an apartment building in Kyiv's Shevchenkivsky district.

A drone attack on an apartment building resulted in the rescue of 19 people. During search and rescue operations in an apartment building in central Kiev, which was hit by a Russian drone, the bodies of four dead civilians were recovered.

"Among them was a young couple, a husband and wife, who were expecting a child. The woman was six months pregnant. Russia is a terrorist country!" - stressed the mayor.

At the time of the drone attack, European Commission official Peter Wagner arrived in Kiev on a visit. The head of the EU foreign policy instruments arrived in the capital at 8 a.m. and published a photo from the train station:

President Vladimir Zelensky reacted to the strikes on Kiev: "All night and all morning the enemy has been terrorizing civilians. Kamikaze drones and missiles are attacking all of Ukraine. There is a hit on a residential building in Kiev. The enemy may hit our cities, but he will not be able to break us. Only fair punishment and condemnation for future generations awaits the occupiers. We will be victorious."

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