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Russia carried out a missile attack on Zaporizhzhia again

On the night of October 11-12, Russian terrorists fired about seven S-300 missiles at Zaporizhzhia and its suburbs.

The photo shows a huge crater left by a Russian missile.

"Two rockets hit one of the districts of the regional center and, fortunately, did not cause serious damage. Five more rockets flew to the suburbs, as a result of the shelling, windows and doors in residential buildings were blown out. Three of them caused destruction in one of the villages close to Zaporizhzhia: a residential building was partially destroyed, our rescuers got three people out of the rubble. Two more rockets fell in a field near another village."- said the head of the Zaporizhzhia Regional State Administration Oleksandr Starukh.

Entire family trapped under rubble in Zaporizhia as a result of rocket fire.

People were trapped in their own basement, hiding from Russian missiles. They were only badly frightened, so the help of doctors was not needed. Video of the rescue operation in the suburbs was shown by employees of the State Emergencies Service, who helped people get out.

According to preliminary information, there are no fatalities. However, there is a threat of another rocket attack.

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