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Russia hit a house in Uman with a missile: everything that is known about the terrorist attack

On the morning of April 28, the terrorist country once again resorted to a massive missile attack on Ukraine.

Today, from around 4 in the morning, there is an air alert throughout the country. According to reports, Russia is attacking Ukraine with missiles. Explosions rang out in different regions: Poltava region, Mykolaiv region, Kyiv region, Cherkasy region.

At 4:30 a.m , one of the rockets hit a multi-story residential building in Uman, in the Cherkasy region, causing casualties and injuries. Last night the enemy attacked Ukraine again with missiles. Terrorists targeted civilians and objects. A rocket attack on Uman damaged about 10 apartment buildings. The entire block of one of them was destroyed. People are still trapped under the rubble. Unfortunately, there are casualties, including a child.

About 300 people work at the place of "arrival" - they are rescuers, policemen, and communal services. Estimated time for sorting out all debris is one day. Two of them are children that can’t be identified. The fate of their parents is unknown. The rescuers will work until they make sure that no one else is left under the rubble. As of 15:00, 17 people are known to have died, including three children. 18 people were injured (9 of them were hospitalized) and 17 people were rescued (three of them were children).

On Friday morning, the mayor of Dnipro announced that the Russians had killed civilians again in Dnipro - a young woman and a child were killed. A private house was destroyed in the city, a 2-year-old girl and a 31-year-old woman were killed. Three people were injured. A 58-year-old man and a 57-year-old woman were taken to the hospital in a moderate condition. The 31-year-old man will be treated on an outpatient basis.

Also, on this restless night, during an enemy air attack, the air defense forces shot down 11 cruise missiles and 2 drones in the Kyiv area. As a result of falling debris in the Obolon district of the city, a local power line was cut off and the road surface was damaged. As a result of shelling in Ukrainka, Kyiv region, two people were injured.

This Russian terror must face a fair response from Ukraine and the world. And it will. Every such attack, every evil act against our country and people brings the terrorist state closer to failure and punishment, not vice versa, as they think. We will not forget any crime, we will not let any invader avoid responsibility.

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