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Russia is bombing Ukrainian cities right now: massive attacks on November 15

On November 15, in the afternoon, Russian troops began shelling critical civilian infrastructure throughout Ukraine. Reports of missile hits and air defense work come from different regions.

The mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko, said there were two hits in the Pechersk district of Kyiv, and doctors and rescuers are working on the spot. Soon Klitschko reported another blow in a high-rise building. As a result of shelling in the capital of Ukraine, emergency blackouts are introduced. An air alert has been declared in the Kyiv region. We already know of one dead.

Explosions were heard in Kharkiv, there were reports of problems with electricity, and the local metro stopped working. Also, after the explosions, there were interruptions in electricity and water in Zhytomyr, in some areas they disappeared completely.

Part of Lviv was left without electricity, Mayor Andriy Sadovyy said. In Rivne, a critical infrastructure facility was hit, and some parts of the city were also left without electricity, Mayor Alexander Tretyak said.

Explosions were also reported in Kryvyi Rih, Odesa, Kovel, Volyn region, Cherkasy, Khmelnytsky, and Ternopil regions, as well as air defense in the Sumy region.

In Ukrainian cities, where there is still electricity, the tension is jumping. Civilians are advised to turn off all electrical devices that are not very important.

It is reported that Russia today launched approximately 100 X-101 missiles, including with the help of Tu-95 aircraft. More than 70 missiles were shot down by air defense forces.

Who do they want to scare? Each missile strike unites Ukrainians even more and adds motivation to fight. In the video, children and adults sing Ukrainian patriotic songs while hiding in basements from russian bombs.

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