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Russia struck the southern Ukrainian city of Mykolayiv with surface-to-air missiles overnight

Mykolaiv rescuers put out fires after night flights around the city and freed citizens from blocked apartments

The country-invader never ceases to prove that the main goal of this war is terror and the destruction of Ukrainians and everything Ukrainian. At night, April 27, around 01:20, Russian troops launched a missile attack.For almost four months the city was not shelled by the invaders. This is the 113th day without shelling of Nikolaev. This is the biggest attack since the beginning of the year. There was a slight panic among people. It was an insidious blow by the Russians on civilians, there were no military facilities there.

Russia shelled Mykolaiv with four Kalibr missiles launched from the Black Sea. Russian rockets hit a tree, so the buildings around are damaged, but not destroyed. As a result of the Russian strike, the factory building, technical school, court were damaged, but the five-story building and houses in the private sector received the most damage.Law enforcement officers and emergency personnel arrived at the scene of the explosion. The fire was promptly extinguished, and the construction is now being dismantled.

The Operational Command clarified the information about the victims and the destruction - it is about one dead and 23 injured civilians. Among them - one child. The terrorists will not get away with this yet another crime against humanity. We will find all the culprits. There will be accountability for everything.

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