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Russian desperation: Putin sends prisoners to war, trying to avoid full mobilization

The occupiers are suffering huge losses, so they are trying to replenish their army in any way, in particular, they attract prisoners to the war. However, this can only harm them and disrupt their offensive potential.

Earlier, news appeared on the Internet that russian oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin, who is close to Putin, is recruiting criminals and prisoners to participate in the war in Ukraine. He controls a "network of companies", including the "Wagner group" (this is a group of mercenaries who participate in military conflicts in Africa, Syria and Ukraine and other regions of the World).

One of Prigozhin's companies was engaged in the organization of meals for the highest officials of the state in Russia, thanks to this fact he received the nickname "Putin's cook" in the media. He also founded the "troll factory" - a community of provocateurs users who, for money, write messages and comments under the news of Internet resources in specially equipped offices for the purpose of spreading russian propaganda. They are accused of meddling in the US elections in 2016 and 2018. Yevgeny Prigozhin has the title and medal of the Hero of Russia - however, Putin gives this medal to almost all of his oligarch friends.

On September 14, another video of Prigozhin appearing in one of the russian prisons was uploaded to the Internet. He offered to fight in Ukraine as part of his private military company in exchange for freedom, removal of criminal records and money.

"We are not the armed forces, but the most real militarized criminal group. Your decision to serve in a private military company is a deal with the devil. If you leave here with me now, you will return to Russia as a free man...but perhaps dead. That's all you need it is mandatory to kill enemies and follow the orders of the leadership. Those who turn back will be shot on the spot immediately," says Prigozhin.

"First of all, we are interested in murderers and robbers. You will like it here. After completing the courses, you cross the border of Ukraine by helicopter, become real soldiers of fortune, and from this moment the six-month countdown to your release begins."

Even murderers, drug addicts, and rapists are taken to war. Age does not matter. In the event of death, Prigozhin promises that the body of the prisoner will be buried "on Heroes' Alley" in his hometown. That's what they are, modern Russian heroes...

Those who agreed to fight must pass a health check, as well as a polygraph, which will reveal whether the prisoner is going to desert, uses drugs, or is capable of murder. If the candidate passes the polygraph, after two weeks he will be taken to the training.

It is known that prisoners are poorly trained in military affairs. Prisoners who fight are usually infantrymen or demining specialists. Most of these "fighters" die in the first weeks of fighting. Prigozhin is not interested in their survival: the murdered person does not need to be paid a salary. Direct economy.

Behind the prisoners there is something like a cordon, not allowing them to retreat. These are more experienced fighters from "PMC Wagner" or Chechen fighters. If someone from the "cannon fodder" tries to escape, he will be shot. All this once again confirms that marauders and murderers, drug addicts and marginals came to invade Ukraine.

Russia, perhaps, is at the beginning of its collapse or global changes - after all, the russian government has already gone very far in its lies. This is becoming clear to many people even in russia itself. Talks about a possible upcoming mobilization slightly changed the opinion of the "sofa patriots of Russia" and reduced their involvement. Some supporters of Putin have already removed the Z stickers from their cars and deleted their pro-russian comments on the Internet.

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